Summary of the Nadal – Wawrinka match in the 2017 Roland Garros final



In this sport there is nobody who can face in the earthly world. Rafael Nadal conquered his tenth title of Roland Garros and it achieved with the sufficiency of the chosen, of the legends that transcend in the tennis. The Spaniard massacred to the Swiss Stan Wawrinka with a resounding 6-2. 6-3. And 6-1, in a match that took place in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

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Below is the summary of the Nadal – Wawrinka match

In a world-wide encounter the Roland Garros final was celebrated, this time they faced two greats of the tennis, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the Swiss Stan Wawrinka to conquer the so longed trophy.

Starting the game, in the first point of the match already had to go down to score a questionable ball the French chairman of the final Pascal Maria. Wawrinka’s right had gone long. The Spaniard would win the first game in white in a preamble of what would happen next in the fate of the game.

Stan for his part needed six points to open his locker. He tied one. Because of this it was he who had the first “break” ball in the third round. Here her rival would save her with the serve.

It is to be mentioned that the Manacorí showed his nerves by the impression with which he was struck by his infallible right. Four breach options were made immediately afterwards but would not convert them. It would not fail in the sixth game, the marker already indicated a 4-2, by then had passed 33 minutes, eight minutes later the marker was 6-2 in favor of the Spanish.

It is to indicate that with the hottest day of the present edition of the tournament, one walked without hurry but without pause towards the history. To its compilation from the bottom of the track it was united the power with the serve. The speed marker was raised to a maximum of 198 kilometers per hour. For the first time in the history of this competition the sensation was unanimous in the step, all the present bet to Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard had the final in his field, obtaining that the Swiss entered without remedy in long exchanges that always lost. The only thing that disturbed the nerves of steel of Nadal was the admonition by the time of the judge at the beginning of the second set.

In an interesting game of the Roland Garros where the shouts of Nadal rumbled throughout the stage, and the blows of the Spanish seemed swirling of winds to the Helvetic one that moved of side to side, what more this tennis hates. The light reflected a 3-0 for the musketeer Manacori. The Swiss celebrated the achievement of their first game in continuity as if they were already won the championship.

In this competition of the Roland Garros Stan had to applaud with his racket the most spectacular point of the match. I was in the sixth game. An impossible right of Nadal, stuck to the lateral publicity of the court, which happened like a tornado until to plan in the brick dust. The defeated was not going to die rowing from the white line. He started to play all of them and that accelerated the outcome in the match.

The second set had also been in favor of Nadal by 6-3, it is to mention that for this moment by the frustration the Swiss split his racket in the middle. In the third part of the game, nothing was different even though Stan rested for a while to clear the mind. Rafael Nadal made “break •” of entrance and the light of Paris little by little was going away without shine in the tennis of Wawrinka.

From start to finish Nadal was superior to the Swiss, where he added the fifteenth Grand Slam, the first in three years and is only three of Roger Federer’s 18 legends. Nadal is not only the 10 in Roland Garros but he was before in Monte Carlo and Barcelona. In honor of the tournament, the Spaniard will be the first tennis player to take home an exact replica of the Cup of the Musketeers, his exploits and history are well deserved.

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