Dembélé already appeared injured in the warm-up in Getafe.



Ousmane Dembélé is one of the players who is playing the most in this season, everything that happens in the life of the young footballer is a fixed reason for news and even a commotion both in football teams and in the network of fans who are always waiting for buy the tickets online. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, is also one of the most watched clubs in the world, especially because of the history it has been writing in recent decades and the possible danger it represents for others. Then let’s see what is happening with his striker, Dembélé:


The first thing to say is that the young man is drawing so much attention because he has talent, Barcelona did not pay a few hundred euros for his participation this season but they were nothing more and nothing less than 142 million for the young Frenchman who knows very well what to do with the ball. With this sequence of events it is completely normal for everyone to be aware of their injury (even us), so let’s go to the next point.


As in most cases, Dembélé injured a muscle in his left leg, and we do not say it because he has happened many times but rather because hundreds of players happen to them often because it is the most common type of injury. The Dembélé injury occurred in a muscle that has the function of extending the hip and flexing the knee, a fact that merits an operation. The striker of Barcelona has already undergone an operation, so he must be feeling very bad about not being able to play for some time but at the same time very well for being the center of attention.

Where were you injured?

Some say with certainty that it happened in full match against Getafe and others say that it happened in the warming of that same party. In fact we will never know where and how it happened, the arguments that it “looked sore” or “did not move well” can vary greatly from each other’s perspective, and we all know that it is totally false that in a warming or in a game has a fixed eye for each player, we and those who always decide to buy tickets online we like to think that only happened and that is simply not their fault.

Nothing indispensable

Although everyone wanted to see Dembélé turn Barcelona into a bigger monster, the idea grows that the striker is not indispensable and that the party continues. This, on the one hand, gives the opportunity to shine to others, as well as allows Barcelona to stay on the sidelines. For now, it only remains to wait for the time to pass, Dembélé gets better and does a good job because his career is just beginning.

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