When will the novel of Klopp and Coutinho end in Liverpool?



Already Liverpool, like the other clubs in Europe, have ready their signings for the new season, however, there is a matter that has cost a lot to define itself and is the departure of Coutinho towards Barcelona. As we analyze everything that has happened, remember to buy tickets online before they run out.

Career of Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian midfielder already has a very well developed and accepted career; his beginnings were with Vasco da Gama with whom he was during 2009 and 2010. From there, he moved to the Inter Milan squad, on his arrival in Europe. With the Milan was for 3 seasons and played 28 games with them.

From Serie A started to the Santander League in 2011, next to R.C.D. Espanyol, but only played 16 matches in Spain. Then, it arrives at the Premier League, where it would manage to stabilize and to pass some 5 seasons of the hand of Liverpool. Until last season, the midfielder played 137 games and added 34 goals in favor.

Among his distinctions is that in 2016 was Liverpool’s Best Player and, also that year, was the author of the Best Goal of the Year.

Jurgen Klopp would not let Coutinho go

After months of incessant rumors about the departure of the Liverpool player, coach Jurgen Klopp seemed determined not to let it go. Klopp has been immovable in his decision not to let the Brazilian go, even though the same player expressed his desire to wear the Blaugrana jersey.

In Barcelona they had said, or at least they did not deny these rumors, that everything was ready to sign Coutinho, but Klopp said, for their part, that they should not believe everything they said there and added that the case of his player was not the same as Ousmane Lemebel, who was sold by Borussia Dortmund this season.

Transfer Request for Barcelona

It is not a secret that both the management of a team, its coach and the player itself influence the decision to leave or not one club to another, in this case, Philippe Coutinho asked for the Transfer Request, the option that players apply to ask their current club to transfer it to another team.

But Klopp ignored the Brazilian’s request and asserted that he would not give in to any pressure; although the season started and the midfielder was absent in the first days, the coach assured that he was preparing and that already Coutinho was ready for the championship of the Premier League.

It is not known if they managed to convince him or change his contract, but the truth is that if Barcelona wishes Coutinho must convince Klopp by next winter; while the Brazilian will continue with Liverpool and must prepare for the days of the Champions League.

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