Zidane has everything you need to win the Champion League.



The Frenchman Zidane, Real Madrid CF, is undergoing a process of change, significant losses, results that have been slow to arrive, however, Zidane does not doubt that with the current staff, have everything necessary to win the third consecutive Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane believes that this team of Real Madrid CF has been gradually gaining form, and the team is just as he wants, to play as little as possible, youth in the team, giving minutes to young players, has been the key.

After winning the twelfth, Zidane promised to return to win the Champions League, with the same players, taking into account that Pepe was no longer the starting line, and James’ departure was more than evident.

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For Zidane, the most important thing has been the game as a whole, that the players know each other perfectly and the calm on the court for the results to be given.

The performance of the young players has been important, because of the desire they have to prove that they deserve their place in each game in the starting eleven, that is why, at every opportunity they have, the youth will go out and do the work that they ask Zidane.

The key to winning the third consecutive Champions League is and will always be the motivation that the French coach presents to his players, knowing that the responsibility he has is great, winning the Champions League with this new template is a challenge, which Zidane is willing to assume and do not hesitate to do so.

The results in the first three dates of the Champions League give to dream, despite the stumbling of the draw against Tottenham Hotspur, which Zidane himself considered as an end game, is aware that should improve not only to win against teams accessible but to be able to beat anyone, is what Zidane wants to be able to win the Champions League again and break any myths or rumors.

We must take into account that it has been in the Champions League where Real Madrid CF had its best start, on the contrary, in the League, although little by little has been getting the points.


Currently, in the Champions League, Real Madrid CF have seven points, sharing the point with Tottenham Hotspur, being the second Spanish team better positioned in its corresponding group.

Zidane’s team, Real Madrid CF, on November 1 returns to the Champions League with a visit from Real Madrid CF to Wembley where they will face Tottenham Hotspur and try to win the first place in Group H. get three points in visitor status and reverse the tie to one they obtained at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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