Le Classique PSG vs Marseille 22 October.



The best football competition in France is going to finish its day number 10 and many people have been participants of this great event, it is impossible for fans to attend all parties (which are many) but there is no denying that they try to be in as many matches as possible, after buying tickets online of course. Barely on 22 October, many have nerves and although it is unknown what team will be the winner in this match, the excitement and curiosity are the first symptoms in both fans and players of PSG and Marseille.

Positions table

PSG is the club that leads the list in this League with 25 points accumulated, followed by Monaco with 19 points and third place Marseille with 17. With these numbers it is more than evident that who has to work harder is to Marseille, but the next match on 22 October will not be so easy to fight, yes, it is true the PSG takes a lot of advantage but no club will prefer to lose only by letting one step up its enemy, on the contrary, PSG will seek to ensure its leadership in the League.

PSG has only one draw

Of 9 games that the PSG has fought in this League 1 of France, 8 have victory title and nothing more in 1 they arrived at the tie. We do not know exactly what strategies Unai Emery is implementing, but the truth is that it is becoming the best of this competition compared to the work of other coaches, of course, that does not bother any PSG fan because the deal is simple: they support buying tickets online and attending the stadium, while the club generates smiles in all of them.

Players of premiere

Another one of the things that have influenced to that the PSG seems to be the one that is going to take the crown are the players of premiere who are leaving a fire in the field. It is not that these players are just walking the football field, no, each of them has a well-marked trajectory that brought them here … and should suspect who it is: Neymar, Mbappe or Cavani are the triplets that is devastating and even if they are the best of friends, when they work on the court, they know how to ally themselves.


As we said at the beginning, we do not know what team will be the winner and therefore the results are obviously not known, but some fans like to take their time to buy tickets online and also like the idea of ​​making bets to see who wins or loses, some say that the score was 4-1 in favor of the PSG, others say it will be 2-1 if the Marseille defense clarifies their vision and others will be a beating of goals 5-0 in favor of PSG but they are nothing more than imaginations; you simply have to wait for the big day to arrive and see how each club continues to advance.

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