Bayern Munich win in penalties against RB Leipzig for the Cup



In a game not suitable for cardiac the Bayern Munich suffered to validate its passage to the eighth of end of the Glass of Germany 2017, since it had to win it in the shootout of penal (in 5-4 after the tie in 1-1) at the home of RB Leipzig, in a match between the champion and the runner-up of the last Bundesliga.

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In this game it was very intense, the Musicians could not take advantage of a numerical superiority in players of more than one hour, from the second yellow to Naby Keita in minute 54 of the match. Of the ten shooters of the decisive round, only the last one, Timo Werner, failed in the execution what gave the pass ticket to the visitors.

In the regulation time, Emil Forsberg had ahead of RB Leipzig in the 68th minute of the game in the form of a penalty and in the other time in 73 minutes he had tied the Brazilian-Hispanic Thiago Alcántara in order to place the score equal to 1 goal for 1.

The fourth consecutive victory for Bayern Munich by Jupp Heynckes, the coach who arrived as an emergency solution after the dismissal at the end of September of the Italian Carlos Ancelotti. The new strategist reinforces his aura of “man of miracles” for Bayern Munich, with the memory of what he achieved in 2013, when he won with the team the Champions League, the Bundesliga, and the German Cup, for the team German is an extremely unforgettable and historic triplet.

A satisfying rematch

This victory confirms the recovery of the giant team of German football, before decisive matches that come in the next ten days. A new duel against RB Leipzig, this time in the German League, a flight to Glasgow in the Champions League and then a dangerous trip, on November 4, at the Borussia Dortmund Field, his archrival with whom he shares the head of the qualifying table.

In the last game, Bayern Munich made use of a greater experience to face the pressure of Leipzig, which never came down after the expulsion of some of his pieces, the player Naby Keita, his best man and knew how to plant the battle until the end of the meeting.

“It’s been a great match between teams that can be proud of their performance. We, Bayern Munich, are predestined to matches like this “argued the chairman of the German team Karl Rummenigge.

On the other hand the coach of RB Leipzig, Ralph Hasenhüttl lamented that the expulsion of his player Keita “spoiled a very nice match”.

“We were good in the attack and we let them do very few times. The boys can be proud, although that does not detract from their frustration, which I have seen in the dressing room. They have given everything and have not had a reward. That is frustrating. He pointed out Hasenhüttl.

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