Juventus is still in the race for 1st place



The Massimiliano Allegri team won two of their four matches. He currently has 7 points and is in the second position in the zone, below the leader in Barcelona. Precisely against the Spaniards they got the defeat of 3 goals by 0 in the home of the Catalans Camp Nou.

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Juventus Turin is about to pass for the 8th final of the Champions League, but to have managed to be in second place in the D group table of the Champions League had to win in the matches that have been touched.

Matches won from Juventus

The first match the Italians won by the second round of Group D of the Champions League was against the whole of Olympiacos, who beat 2 goals by 0, in a match that took place at the Juventus Stadium in the city of Turin.

In this match again the Argentine Higuain left in the minute 69 to give the face by the equipment next to the player Mario Mandzukic in the 80, where the Vecchia Signora could obtain an important victory before a difficult rival to climb in the table of positions of the group D.

Juventus were forced to win and score points, since, in his debut in the Champions League he came across an inspired Barcelona and this gave him 3 goals to 0 at the Camp Nou, keeping the Italians from the top in the table in that moment.

Another positive match for Juventus

After losing almost all the match against Sporting Lisbon in the 79th minute of the game, the turinese club hero Gonzalo Higuaín appeared, who sealed the tie. It was just a scare to be outside in Lisbon.

That is to say that with this distribution of points remaining the match tied to 1 goal, the Italians and the Lusos did not get differences this last Tuesday by the group D of the Champions League. It is worth mentioning that those from Turin are close to the round of 16 by winning two matches within their group and adding important points that will ensure the ticket that will make them travel to the knockout stages in the Champions League competition. With this result and the tie harvested by the other rivals of the group in Greece, Barcelona is the leader of their group with 10 points that places them at the top, Juventus reaches 7 points, and the 4 that added the Portuguese Sporting, while Olympiacos closes with a single unit.

Gonzalo Higuaín key piece for juventus

The Argentine Gonzalo Higuain is always important, even when he is not a starter, the pipit, as is his nickname, has become so indispensable in the Italian team of Juventus, thanks to his performances the whole is disputed as possible favorites to pass to the eighth. In Champions the Argentine has 4 games, with 2 goals in favor, 63 good steps, and 8 balls recovered.

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