Manchester United’s plans for the winter market.



Manchester United is one of the most envied clubs in the world, for that reason it has one of the best fans in both England and Europe, its fans always try to get to know all the movements that are made within the team, like way they run to buy their tickets online to go to the stadium and support their club from the rostrum.

To face the new season 2017-18, Manchester United was strengthened with 3 players who could buy in the past market, these signings were those of Nemanja Matic for € 44.7 M from Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku of Everton for 84, € 7 million and Víctor Lindelof of SL Benfica for € 35 million, but some negotiations that fell were still unknown.

According to online media, the Manchester United would be planning to buy more signings as soon as the winter market opens, and there are many rumors that arose in relation to the objectives that José Mourinho would have in mind to try to further strengthen its workforce.

The goal of Manchester United:

There is talk that players like Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale, Grimaldo, Nainggolan, De Vrij and Dybala could be within the plans of Manchester United. In addition to a possible interest of Mourinho in repressor one of his loaned, we talked about Andreas Pereira who currently plays in Valencia CF.

Mourinho points to his midfield:

As has been seen, the Portuguese coach Mourinho is more interested in strengthening the midfield of his team, among the players who sound to sign are Mesut Ozil, Cesc Fabregas, and there is also talk of a strong fight with big clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal by the German Marco Reus.

Croatian Ivan Rakitic also likes the coach, and for this, a possible exchange of players is raised, which would imply that FC Barcelona let go Rakitic and receive a striker that could be Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford, but all these are just rumors.

Who could leave the team?

In the next winter market if Manchester United manages to sign players will have to decide which footballer should let go to open space in the template. Much is questioned about the continuity of Fellaini that could be leaving the team if a tempting offer arrives, in the same way, Ander Herrera is one of the players that Manchester United must take care of not to leave the team.

On the other hand, the young promise of the club, Marcus Rashford is sought by big European clubs, so much so that FC Barcelona has already asked for him. We also have to mention that  Zlatan Ibrahimovic has already said that he will return in December and it is only expected to happen with him, he will leave or he will stay, we do not know.

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