The Historic Fact Achieved by FC Barcelona in La Liga



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11 days played in the league and Barcelona FC are still not defeated, so it has been recording an excellent result, along with the teams, Valencia and Atlético de Madrid, and the Barça players have resurrected a historical fact that 21 years ago they had not got.

They are the only three teams that remain unbeaten in the league championship in the eleven days played, Barcelona continues with the wind and face the best start of its history, 10 wins and a draw, although it seems a simple anecdotal, It has only happened three times in all history, the last was 21 years ago.

The Last Time That Barcelona registered an historic event in La Liga

In the 1996-97 season Barcelona FC shared with Real Madrid and Deportivo, was the first of the three to give way, the first time it happened was in the 1982-83 campaign, with the whites matched with Real Sociedad and Sporting.

Barcelona In Development

Barcelona FC has become a team of results that endorse the work of coach Ernesto Valverde, but analyzing a step further, the truth is that the first part was to frame, and only failed to find the fact of getting the sentence, the team is Barcelona FC continues to grow constantly and it shows in its results.

Next Day to be played Barcelona FC

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Prices Obtained by Barcelona FC

Throughout its history to the present, Barcelona FC has won more than a hundred official titles obtained in both national and international competitions, 28 cups of Spain, 21 Catalonia championships, 24 leagues, 12 SuperCups of Spain, 8 cups of Catalonia, 5 cups of UEFA / Champions League, 4 Cups of Europe.

5 European Super Cups, 3 Fair Cups, 3 Eva Duarte Cups, 2 Latin Cups, 2 League Cups, one Catalonia Super Cup and 3 Club World Cups, the Club adds another five Regional Cups, a Gold Cup, a Mediterranean league, a league of Catalonia and the aforementioned Macaya Cup and Football Club Barcelona Cup.